Body Repair and Paint

A 30-year-old vehicle, driven in the soggy Northwest, and often thrashing down narrow dirt roads in search of the perfect campsite, is definitely going to take some scratches and grow some rust.

For many owners, the commitment to their Volkswagens extends past mechanical into quality body and paint.

After dozens of restoration projects, some of them on vans that seemed determined to end up in the junk yard, we know what it takes to produce a quality job that will turn heads and create smiles everywhere you go.

Unlike your standard paint shop, we know how to really give the love to your Vanagon. We take out all the glass, door handles, grilles, headlights/tail lights/side markers, mirrors, vents, and middle panel outlets for you Westy owners. This means no hideous paint lines near your windows. Also, those window seals hide a lot of rust from water getting trapped there, and if you’re going to spend the time and money for new paint, then it’s better to get that rust treated to help prolong the life of your van and prevent that new paint from any unnecessary damage.

Full paint jobs start at a base price of $10,000. Final costs may be higher depending on the amount of rust that needs to be treated, body work needing repair, choice of color & color scheme, and if we are also doing a color match top.

Here’s some photos from recent projects.