Specialty Services

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
For your extended adventures, we offer custom fuel tanks that can be built and fitted underneath your Syncro and connected to your main tank.

Expedition Outfitting
Planning on taking your Van on an off-the-grid, out of the country expedition? Or just an extended road trip? We can help you plan, and outfit your van for everything you'll need from spare parts, suggested stops along the way, reliable mechanical resources, over-the-phone roadside assistance, vehicle recovery lessons, troubleshooting tips, and all the advice to help make this your grand adventure.

Theft Protection
With recent and numerous thefts in the Vanagon Community, we offer multiple theft protection services. Let us add a modern car alarm, or more advanced immobilizers that also offer GPS vehicle tracking and remote start/shut-off so we can help keep your Vanagon safe and secure.

Undercoating for Rust Protection
We know that rust is a plaguing problem to Vanagons as it likes to get in the seams and underbody. The new and current "de-icer" (magnesium chloride) used on roads is more corrosive than salt and thus, expediting the 'rusting away' of your vehicle. We offer several rust protection undercoating and seam sealer options for your Vanagon to help meet all budget needs.

Vehicle Appraisals & Inspections
 Looking to insure your newly purchased or newly modified Vanagon? We can help facilitate your appraisal needs. We can also perform comprehensive vehicle inspections for future buyers.