Wheels and Tires

We feel that upgrading from the stock 14 inch tires to 15 or 16 inch wheels/tires is one of the single biggest improvements you can make for handling and road safety.

At North Westy, we typically have an assortment of modern 15 or 16 inch wheels on hand.  These are often salvaged from Audi or Mercedes cars.

Adding a non-stock wheel  onto any vehicle can be tricky.  You need to often use spacers, the correct lug nuts, and perhaps new studs to get it right.  You can be assured that after swapping wheels onto dozens of vehicles, we’re going to do the job right.

Choosing proper tires for Vanagons also requires some knowledge,  Unfortunately, this expertise is often not found at your local tire store.  No matter if you are driving 95% pavement, hard-core off-road, or somewhere in between, we have our opinions on the best tires for these vehicles, and we will be glad to let you know what we feel is best for your wheel size and driving style.


As of 2013 we are now a tire distributor and can help you purchase new tires at a competitive price.

An assortment of wheels at the shop.

An assortment of wheels at the shop.

Now those are sharp looking wheels!